Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Think Positive Pin

My Think Positive Pin arrived in the mail yesterday! I am very excited to have it and just need to decide where to put it. I would like to have it with me at all times so that when I become muddled it might remind me to relax and apply an optimistic attitude! Perhaps I will pin it to my purse….any other ideas?

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Rory over at Time Out For Mom for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Be sure to check out Time Out For Mom…it is a wonderful blog full of funny, inspiring stories!

The rules for my accepting this award are as follows:

~Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
~Tell you seven things about yourself
~Award 15 Bloggers of my choice

Ok…so for seven things about myself:

1. I was once a Vegetarian. I feel very strongly that Factory Farming is unethical and unhealthy. I wanted to take a stand against this practice and also be more careful about the things I put into my body. Although I am no longer a Vegetarian (found it to be very difficult for me) I still do not eat Veal. 

2. I won the Easter Seals Spell-a-Thon to raise money for the Easter Seals when I was in Grade School and as a result earned a spot on the Telethon with 2 of my schoolmates. I correctly spelled 100 words!

3. I am afraid to fly! I had a scary flight on the way to my Honeymoon in Jamaica and have never been the same since! I used to love flying but now am reduced to fits of panic when I even think about airplanes and being on them!

4. This is a huge confession for me….OK….here it is…..can't believe I am putting it in writing….I regretted buying my wedding dress. I got caught up in the moment of it all and allowed myself to believe it was the right dress but in actuality it really wasn't. I should have waited and tried on more…I was never in love with my dress. I dream of renewing my vows someday in a dress I really love!

5. I love cheese fries! Probably my favorite food of all time. One of my favorite meals is a slice of pizza and an order of cheese fries! Terrible I know but so so so good!

6. I love live Theater. I love the music and dancing and acting…..I like to imagine myself with that much talent, being in front of an audience. I also like to imagine the real lives of the people performing. Theater is brilliant and engages every part of me!

7. If I could have one talent…I wish I could sing. I would love to have a beautiful voice and be able to sing the songs I love. I find music so inspiring and freeing. My favorite therapy is my car, with the windows down and the music loud!

So for my 15 nominees:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Poison Ivy is Wicked!

Ahh…..the joys of Spring! What is it that they say? Leaves of 3, let it be….Apparently I did not "let it be"! So a little over a week ago I contracted a pretty significant case of Poison Ivy. YUCK! I have had it before but never this extreme. It has pretty much consumed my life because it has been incredibly difficult to get my mind off the big, bubbly bumps and tremendous itching!

I never saw it coming. Apparently the leaves aren't even out yet. I must have been contaminated while pulling out the roots doing some yard cleanup. The thanks I get for my hard work! Mother Nature can be so cruel!

Let's see over the course of the last week and a half I have used the following items to treat it; alcohol, witch hazel, white vinegar, hot water, baking soda, Poison Ivy cream, wash and spray….UGH! I finally was able to get to my Doctor today to get the good stuff….the steroid cream that should make it all finally go away! I do have to say that I appear to be on the mend but I still look like I am suffering from some crazy, rare skin disease. Thank goodness it is only my arms that were affected and not my whole body!

I haven't blogged much this week because I haven't been able to get my mind off of the Poison Ivy. It has been difficult to think of anything that doesn't relate to finding relief for the itching! Now, that it is under control I will try to get back to regular life and post something relevant and interesting!

Happy Gardening and Beware the Poison Ivy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Check out Eversave Today!

I am always looking for ways to remind myself of the importance of Positive Thinking. Sometimes we just need a little tangible reminder of how we should act towards ourselves and others.

Today on Eversave you can buy a voucher for a Positive Pin. The Pin is worth $7 but you pay just $3 plus a Dollar for shipping. It is an awesome opportunity to help keep your positive energy in check and would make a great gift for someone who might need a little boost of positive thinking. I think this would be great for anyone suffering from illness or loss.

I just bought this for myself! I think you should check it out!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just a little Thank You!

Just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to all my followers and for all the wonderful comments I have received. Blogging has become a way for me to stay connected to myself and also to fulfill a need to do something meaningful outside of rearing my children. It has been a long time since I have worked outside of my home and I do not always have the chance to engage in intellectual conversation with other adults so I enjoy once again using my brain while doing something worthwhile.

It is just frosting on the cake that people actually read what I write and engage in meaningful conversation with me!

You All Rock!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Crazy and Explosive Life of the 3-Year-Old

So apparently I have completely forgotten how difficult 3 can be. And I do not mean having 3 kids…No, I mean the wonderful, beautiful age of 3! I have been so excited, and at times nostalgic, at the upcoming 3 year Birthday of my two youngest little monkeys!

Yesterday, my day started with an all-out, no holds-barred temper-tantrum by my little girl, Emma. Arms were flailing, legs were kicking and the vocal accompaniment made my ears hurt! This lasted for about 20 minutes until she calmed down enough to let me hold her. During the course of her tantrum she, of course, woke up her twin brother, Liam. All of this was a result of her not wanting to wait a minute for me to accompany her downstairs. I only wanted a moment to wipe the sleepy from my eyes and the chance to go potty and brush my teeth. I know that the simple, seemingly no-big-deal, types of things are often much more than the average 3-year-old can handle. So, that is how the day began.

Let's just say that I spent much of the day eagerly trying to place those "patient pants" I so often need to make it through the day! It wasn't until about mid-day during an outing with my neighbor and her daughter that I finally found them and began to breathe again! Of course, my treating myself to an iced coffee from my favorite local coffee shop did play a hand in helping me regain my sanity.

So, it is a fairly common experience at my house to hear the rantings of what otherwise can be a very sweet little girl. It seems that every-time I ask her to wait a moment or tell her she cannot have something the explosions begin. They are exhausting, mostly for me, but probably also for her. She has also become very good at pushing buttons….she knows just how to get under my skin….how on Earth do they learn that trick so darn fast?!

I need to remember not to take the things my daughter says and does personally, her behaviors are merely a way for her to learn how to navigate this crazy, complicated world of ours. I have to let try to let go of my frustrations and remain calm…..hahahahahahaha…..much easier said than done! But I am trying to become an all around more relaxed and patient person anyway so in doing so I will hopefully find the strength and compassion to navigate the world of the "spirited" 3-year-old. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

A little Vent...

Okay, so I apologize to those of you who will read this but I just really feel the need to vent right now.

Let me start by saying that it is a daily process to keep myself focused on what is really important in life. My husband and I do make sacrifices so that I can stay at home with our children although with that said we really have not had to sacrifice that much. Sure I can't just go off and spend money on frivolous things whenever I want but I definitely am not suffering in any way. I have plenty of food in my pantry, I have a beautiful house with a large yard, and a nice reliable vehicle. There is no need for me to not be satisfied with what surrounds me yet at times I feel myself longing for the things that others around me have….granite countertops, new, beautiful furniture, a luxury car (which is not a minivan). I do not want to be envious but I find it a personal struggle to truly appreciate and be content with what is in front of me instead of longing for things that are out of my reach.

With that said, I find it a daily struggle to not get caught up with things I read online or most importantly on Facebook. I am tired of hearing people go on about things that have been given to them or they have acquired with no appreciation of what they have or with what other people don't have. The person who finds it appalling that anyone might ever consider buying a minivan but refuses to accept the fact that her car is at least $10,000 more than a minivan. Why not acknowledge how fortunate they are to not have to sacrifice what is important to them. I really wish some people would take a moment to truly appreciate what they have and not feel the need to defend what they have by saying that they "deserve" it. Doesn't everyone deserve to have the things they like. What makes one person more deserving than another.  Everyone deserves good food on the table and a comfortable house to live in. Don't we all deserve safety and security. I think we are all guilty for forgetting at times those gifts we have that make our lives complete.

I do not want to be unappreciative of the fact that there are people out there who struggle in other ways. Maybe some people fixate on "things" to fill a void in their lives, an unhappy marriage, poor health, unsatisfied working life. I don't know. And then there are those who have suffered true adversity in their lives, the loss of a child, the loss of a spouse, terminal illness, natural disaster, etc. Shouldn't those of us who are so fortunate to have never experienced such grief and loss be even more appreciative of what we have.

I think I may have gotten off on a tangent but the frustration is the same. I am tired of people using social networking to ultimately make others feel bad about what they don't have or that what they have still isn't good enough. Why can't we just be….be appreciative, be respectful, be open-minded. Why can't I just be content? I admit I am considering closing my Facebook account. I feel that doing so will mean I have failed to be stronger, to be content and accepting. But do I need the daily reminders of what I am supposedly doing "wrong" or that what I have isn't desirable or "good enough". I don't know. I guess this will also be a part of my daily struggle to decide what is best for my spirit and my soul…...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Club Meeting #2

So I have yet to update you on the latest Book Club meeting which was held on April 8th. It was a great time out with my friends. The women in the Club are so fabulous and engaging. I love to share stories of the trials and tribulations of motherhood with them. They are all actively engaged in their families and the larger community. They all share a great sense of dedication to their children. Sometimes I feel empowered to be more involved in life when I am with them.

But enough of that, getting back to the Book Club….

The host of this months meeting decided to have us over for desserts and snacks. She provided a yummy turtle cheesecake and the rest of us brought an assortment of goodies. The husband of the host was our own personal bartender for the evening putting his very best skills as a Chemist to good use! He made me a very yummy Margarita!

Getting back to the book….

The last book we read was Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. I thought this was a wonderful romantic story of two people kept apart by the cultural climate of the time. The book switches between the 1940's and present day (which is 1980's). It touches on traditional familial roles, unrequited love, forbidden love, and father/son relationship dynamics. It is a very moving story of how unfair and downright tragic the effects of racism and discrimination are for families and individuals.

We did not all entirely agree on the strength of the book. Some felt that the story ended too abruptly after building up to the climax for so long. I tended to disagree. Without giving too much away, I tend to feel that books that leave you guessing at the end are the most powerful. I can live with the ending to a book or a movie for weeks just replaying the final scenes and imagining the next parts. Maybe this is primarily due to the monotony of my life and need for escape in other worlds. Whatever the case I seemed to like this book a bit more than my counterparts but we all did agree that it was a worthwhile read that taught us something about the time period. I think we would all recommend this to other avid book readers.

So our next Book Club meeting will be held sometime in early June. We haven't pinned down the date as of yet but hopefully will soon. There was a very animated debate over what the next book should be. It was suggested that we read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen because most of us have never read it and the two members who have are very passionate about the book and the Colin Firth movie which followed much later. I guess that both people feel it is a classic story of romance, mystery and relationships. It does sound somewhat intriguing and I certainly would not mind catching the movie after reading the book. But one in the group is somewhat apprehensive about diving into this classic so we decided to shelve this pick for the next go round. We decided instead to go with The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff a story that centers on polygamy and the Mormon Church. I understand so little about this religion and culture so I do think it will be an interesting read.

I have yet to pick up my copy at the library but plan to do so sometime this week. Our next meeting will be a casual evening of pizza and beer…I will likely bring a bottle of wine since I am not much of a beer enthusiast. Either way, I am definitely looking forward to kicking back with my friends and sharing another interesting discussion.

I hope some of you will choose to follow along with me during this Book Club journey!

Until my next post…in the great words of Ellen Degeneres, "Be kind to everyone"...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Commenting on News

So I had a sort of personal experience with a newsworthy event. There was a rather traumatic automobile accident a few towns away on this past Friday evening. Because someone I know was a first responder to the accident I have been following the news story on various news websites. I find it very interesting that readers can comment on news stories even before all the information relevant to the story has been released.

These comment sections seem to be a virtual breeding ground for judgmental attitudes and statements from people who I feel have no place sharing their views. I say this because I really do not feel it is anyone's place to be commenting on news stories. The event should be documented by actual facts and not be marred by public opinion. It is not our job to be judge and jury on an event that we only have some of the information on.

The First Responder I know has been getting some additional information from what has been released by the media because he and his coworkers have been updated on the status of the victims. There may  be more to the story than what was initially reported. We all know that as stories develop and all the facts have been collected and evaluated the story often changes somewhat from the initial reports. Sometimes a completely different picture is painted from what was originally thought or assumed.

With this said I do believe it is the responsibility of all socially conscious individuals to refrain from commenting on news articles of which they have no first-hand knowledge. This is not to say we should not comment on blog posts that have been written about newsworthy topics but I do not feel we should be publicly slandering individuals and events on actual news sites. I hope that eventually the media outlets will realize that it is not newsworthy to display the opinions/comments from individuals who have no first-hand knowledge of the news being reported.

Take a personal stand and remember that all thoughts/opinions/comments we share should be done with regard to respecting the individuals and events of which we are sharing our thoughts.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Check out this Blog Post!

I really wanted to share this Blog post with you all. It touches on a subject that has really affected me personally. I think social media is a wonderful outlet to make a positive difference but sometimes even with the best intentions people needlessly make others feel bad….especially moms who are doing their very best to raise their children. Of course we all have our ideas about what is the "best" (healthiest, most connected, natural, etc.) but the only true "best" way is the way that is best for you and your family.

So when you get a chance please take a look at this post. The author, Keli, says what I am feeling in a very truthful and powerful way. I hope reading this will bring a little peace to your day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Land's End Friends and Family Sale

Through April 11th Land's End is offering 30% off everything and free shipping! Use code LESHARE30 and pin 4422. Don't forget to check out the Overstock section for some really great deals. Happy Shopping!

Photo Deal

Walgreens has photo collages for 75% off…Today Only. Use coupon code "collagedeal" to receive the discount. I ordered an 8x10 collage and it cost me $1.00! I have ordered these in the past and they turn out great!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

So I was barely awake this morning and getting ready to get in my shower when my husband walked into my bathroom with some startling news…"Did you just flush the toilet? Because there is water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen! It is everywhere, coming through the light fixtures all over the island!". I stood there dumbfounded, unsure how to answer….I think my jaw was somewhere near the floor. The only thing I could think to do was to go turn off the shower….at which point my husband happily shouted, "April Fools!". I wanted to KILL him!

So that is how I woke up on this dreary April Fools Day. The only thought going through my head as I finished brushing my teeth was how I am going to get him back!