Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's Get Healthy

So lately I am hearing horror story after horror story of people I know and love getting ill….sometimes with very strange and unfamiliar diseases. This has resulted in a stronger personal commitment to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, a desire to eliminate a majority of the harsh chemicals in and around my home and a overwhelming belief in creating balance and harmony in my life.

I am going to share with you my journey…things I have recently done and new discoveries just around the corner. Of course not all at once though! Today, I want to talk about eliminating those nasty chemicals in and around your home….they are lurking EVERYWHERE!

The first major step I took in attempting to create a healthy environment for my family was to eliminate children's bath and body products containing Parabens. These have been linked to reproductive health issues in children and may cause long-term health problems. Many newer products marketed for children and babies have eliminated Parabens in their products. These products are generally all-natural or organic. In order to be sure there are no Parabens in a particular product make sure the front label states "Does not contain Parabens".  Such products include (but not necessarily limited to) shampoos, conditioners, detangling products, sunblocks and body lotions.

Since eliminating the products with those ingredients I have been on a major chemical purge. I have switched to Laundry products containing plant-based ingredients and biodegradable ingredients. I have also switched to eco-friendly cleaning products and purchased a steam mop to eliminate the need for chemical floor cleaners. I am also considering making my own laundry soap….More information to follow….

Lately, I have started purchasing shower products for myself that are free from sulfates and parabens. I am also trying to eliminate products in my home that contain Pthalates and BPA. I even recently switched to all-natural deodorant (I never thought I would do that!!!) I try to refrain from heating up foods in plastic containers and refrain from drinking out of plastic water bottles whenever possible. I have invested in a Brita water filtration pitcher for our home and refill it continuously. I have eco-friendly and family friendly cups and bottles for drinking water and other beverages.

I have also switched to PVC-free products in my home. My new shower curtain liner and vinyl tablecloth are both PVC-free. I seek out such products whenever possible.

My family also started our organic vegetable garden this year to help eliminate our dependence on chemical and pesticide ridden foods. I weed all my gardens by hand and use all-natural and environmentally and pest friendly methods of gardening. I do not use any chemicals on my plants or in my yard. I try to plant pest-repelling plants to keep the various woodland creatures in my area from nibbling on my perennials!

So anyway, I was prompted to share this list with you because I am thinking of sending my mom a "care package" of sorts containing some everyday products that are healthier alternatives to the ones she currently uses. I don't know if it will make a difference for her but I think it is the best way I can think of to show her that I truly care about her. I think any of you out there who have a loved-one with health concerns should consider doing the same. I am not saying that eliminating these toxins will make a drastic difference in their life but I do not think it could hurt and I do believe it is definitely a step in the right direction…

With that said my next blogs will either extrapolate on these thoughts or share some of my other endeavors….

Oh, and check out that link above for a great deal on some all-natural products. I will continue to share all the new ones I come across and current ones that I cannot live without! Happy Shopping and may peace and health be yours!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Been A While!

So my most faithful follower, Rory Bore, gently reminded me that I have been MIA for awhile. With that in mind I decided it was time that I share what I have been up to…..

Well, once Spring finally sprung I found it increasingly difficult to keep myself indoors long enough to write a new blog post! I have been busy working in the gardens and completing odd jobs around the house and yard. My husband built a raised garden bed for us to start our very first organic vegetable garden. Currently we have two very small cucumbers and a few green tomatoes…we are looking forward to reaping the benefits of fresh, all natural vegetables.

Of course I have also spent plenty of time with the kids playing in the yard. Lately, we have spent many hot and sunny afternoons lounging around the kiddie pool or running through the hose and sprinkler. Today we took a trip to a favorite local bay beach….. we had a great time playing in the water and searching for crabs. The kids LOVED it.

Last week we took our yearly family vacation to the Jersey Shore. My family is from New Jersey and every summer my mom rents a house near the beach for a week. This year my brother and his family joined us. We spent our week hanging out on the beach playing in the sand and jumping the waves. We also spent ample time strolling the boardwalk and riding the amusement rides. The kids were overtired and undernourished for a week but had a blast!

I have also been keeping up with my book club, spending time with friends and family and have even spent some time doing a little soul searching…..but I will share more about that later…..

I definitely have more things I want to share with you all, so until next time….peace, enjoy and be happy!