Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Been A While!

So my most faithful follower, Rory Bore, gently reminded me that I have been MIA for awhile. With that in mind I decided it was time that I share what I have been up to…..

Well, once Spring finally sprung I found it increasingly difficult to keep myself indoors long enough to write a new blog post! I have been busy working in the gardens and completing odd jobs around the house and yard. My husband built a raised garden bed for us to start our very first organic vegetable garden. Currently we have two very small cucumbers and a few green tomatoes…we are looking forward to reaping the benefits of fresh, all natural vegetables.

Of course I have also spent plenty of time with the kids playing in the yard. Lately, we have spent many hot and sunny afternoons lounging around the kiddie pool or running through the hose and sprinkler. Today we took a trip to a favorite local bay beach….. we had a great time playing in the water and searching for crabs. The kids LOVED it.

Last week we took our yearly family vacation to the Jersey Shore. My family is from New Jersey and every summer my mom rents a house near the beach for a week. This year my brother and his family joined us. We spent our week hanging out on the beach playing in the sand and jumping the waves. We also spent ample time strolling the boardwalk and riding the amusement rides. The kids were overtired and undernourished for a week but had a blast!

I have also been keeping up with my book club, spending time with friends and family and have even spent some time doing a little soul searching…..but I will share more about that later…..

I definitely have more things I want to share with you all, so until next time….peace, enjoy and be happy!

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  1. Yay! Happy to see that you have been enjoying the summer with your kids and other family! A trip to the local beach is also my kids' favourite outing these days. The search for clams, snails, frogs and crayfish. It's amazing to watch them explore the world with such eagerness and joy.
    Hubby and I cut down a big tree in our backyard that cast shade over the entire yard. Hoping next year I can plant some veggies too.