Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wow, it has been over a week since my last post! I am really slipping! It has been a good week though, pretty nice weather, lots of gardening being done, my oldest daughter's 6th Birthday and my dear cousin's Graduation from Culinary School! Lots of lovely accomplishments all around!

I have also been pondering lots of thoughts this week. One of which is, have I been a good enough friend to those I love? I am not very good at keeping in touch with people, never have been. Not much of a phone talker. But I do think of those I love often and need to find better ways of including them in my life. Perhaps sending cards now and again would be a good start. Or at least emailing somewhat regularly with pictures and stories. I realize that most of my friends know little about my daily life and the things that have been building on my mind as of late. Unfortunately, most of my closest friends live pretty far away...New Jersey, California, and Ecuador. I have found lately that I am really missing them. Missing those long heart-to-heart talks and familiar stories and memories. I have found myself stuck in something of a rut lately. Not truly at peace with my life, struggling with the ups and downs of being a SAHM. I have also come to realize how very difficult it is to find those true one-of-kind friends who know you inside and out and never judge or question your intent but instead are happy to listen to your worries and concerns and give you unconditional support. I know that I tend to complain a lot in my daily life….more of an act of venting than any true disdain for a person, event or circumstance. I have found that I am a better listener and supporter than a person who can relay her own thoughts and feelings well. I am better at the written word than the oral one. It does take more time to write though than speak. Maybe this is why I am so bad at keeping in touch.

I realize that there are many things I need to continue to work on in order to find true peace in my life. There are so many skeletons in my closet that I need to work through and I know I need to start somewhere. I think I will start with reminding those I love how much I miss them and appreciate them….and even though we are far apart in distance they are never far from my thoughts and I am beyond grateful that they are a part of my life!


  1. I struggle with this too. Especially since, being a girl, I am supposed to love chatting on the phone. except I don't....then I force myself to keep talking so that the other person isn't offended. When everyone else wants to chit-chat at night, since I am also a SAHM and talk at kids all day, I usually just want quiet at night. As such, most of my relationships have faded away. Moving away from my hometown didn't help either. It's much harder to make new friends at this age I find...hhhmmm?
    BUT...my hubby, dear guy, took the bull by the horn's and called 2 of my (former?) closest friends up and invited them to my surprise bday party this weekend. It was like time never passed!! We gabbed and gabbed just like old times. It was wonderful.
    Time and duties sometimes can drift us apart...but it's nice to know that they are really just a phonecall away!

  2. just checking in to see what's new :)

  3. Loved this post - I am not so good at staying in touch with friends - seems like the more I am on the computer, the less I communicate with friends. Need to work on that.

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