Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Crazy and Explosive Life of the 3-Year-Old

So apparently I have completely forgotten how difficult 3 can be. And I do not mean having 3 kids…No, I mean the wonderful, beautiful age of 3! I have been so excited, and at times nostalgic, at the upcoming 3 year Birthday of my two youngest little monkeys!

Yesterday, my day started with an all-out, no holds-barred temper-tantrum by my little girl, Emma. Arms were flailing, legs were kicking and the vocal accompaniment made my ears hurt! This lasted for about 20 minutes until she calmed down enough to let me hold her. During the course of her tantrum she, of course, woke up her twin brother, Liam. All of this was a result of her not wanting to wait a minute for me to accompany her downstairs. I only wanted a moment to wipe the sleepy from my eyes and the chance to go potty and brush my teeth. I know that the simple, seemingly no-big-deal, types of things are often much more than the average 3-year-old can handle. So, that is how the day began.

Let's just say that I spent much of the day eagerly trying to place those "patient pants" I so often need to make it through the day! It wasn't until about mid-day during an outing with my neighbor and her daughter that I finally found them and began to breathe again! Of course, my treating myself to an iced coffee from my favorite local coffee shop did play a hand in helping me regain my sanity.

So, it is a fairly common experience at my house to hear the rantings of what otherwise can be a very sweet little girl. It seems that every-time I ask her to wait a moment or tell her she cannot have something the explosions begin. They are exhausting, mostly for me, but probably also for her. She has also become very good at pushing buttons….she knows just how to get under my skin….how on Earth do they learn that trick so darn fast?!

I need to remember not to take the things my daughter says and does personally, her behaviors are merely a way for her to learn how to navigate this crazy, complicated world of ours. I have to let try to let go of my frustrations and remain calm…..hahahahahahaha…..much easier said than done! But I am trying to become an all around more relaxed and patient person anyway so in doing so I will hopefully find the strength and compassion to navigate the world of the "spirited" 3-year-old. 

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