Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Rory over at Time Out For Mom for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Be sure to check out Time Out For Mom…it is a wonderful blog full of funny, inspiring stories!

The rules for my accepting this award are as follows:

~Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
~Tell you seven things about yourself
~Award 15 Bloggers of my choice

Ok…so for seven things about myself:

1. I was once a Vegetarian. I feel very strongly that Factory Farming is unethical and unhealthy. I wanted to take a stand against this practice and also be more careful about the things I put into my body. Although I am no longer a Vegetarian (found it to be very difficult for me) I still do not eat Veal. 

2. I won the Easter Seals Spell-a-Thon to raise money for the Easter Seals when I was in Grade School and as a result earned a spot on the Telethon with 2 of my schoolmates. I correctly spelled 100 words!

3. I am afraid to fly! I had a scary flight on the way to my Honeymoon in Jamaica and have never been the same since! I used to love flying but now am reduced to fits of panic when I even think about airplanes and being on them!

4. This is a huge confession for me….OK….here it is…..can't believe I am putting it in writing….I regretted buying my wedding dress. I got caught up in the moment of it all and allowed myself to believe it was the right dress but in actuality it really wasn't. I should have waited and tried on more…I was never in love with my dress. I dream of renewing my vows someday in a dress I really love!

5. I love cheese fries! Probably my favorite food of all time. One of my favorite meals is a slice of pizza and an order of cheese fries! Terrible I know but so so so good!

6. I love live Theater. I love the music and dancing and acting…..I like to imagine myself with that much talent, being in front of an audience. I also like to imagine the real lives of the people performing. Theater is brilliant and engages every part of me!

7. If I could have one talent…I wish I could sing. I would love to have a beautiful voice and be able to sing the songs I love. I find music so inspiring and freeing. My favorite therapy is my car, with the windows down and the music loud!

So for my 15 nominees:


  1. You are soooo sweet :) Thank you. You made my day and I feel the same way about my wedding dress LOL!

    I've added you to my sidebar.

  2. Thank you so much and for thinking of me, I will pass it on.

  3. Thank you guys! Thanks for adding me to your sidebar, Elisabeth!

  4. You ROCK! Thanks for nominating me!