Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yay the Playground!

It was actually nice enough today to take the kiddos to the playground! Yes, it was snowy, slushy, muddy and just plain old messy but it was so worth it! It had been so long since we saw spiral plastic slides and metal bars for hanging on and all sorts of wheels and spinny things! The kids ran from one thing to the next happily making friends along the way....ahh, the joys of childhood!

The look on their faces when we announced we were going to the playground today was priceless. You would have thought we said we were going to spend a month at Disney World for the rush of pure joy that they felt! They ran, breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed the freedom of not being reminded to go potty or stop jumping on the furniture. Truly one of the joys of motherhood, watching your kids experience the thrill of pure freedom.

So in the aftermath of such a lovely afternoon I am reminded of the joys that Spring brings. For a family that loves the outdoors it is hard being cooped up for so long. One of my greatest joys is sharing a lovely afternoon with my 3 favorite little people playing in the yard, going on a hike or visiting a playground. So, as I remain frustrated with the coldness of winter my spirit is renewed with the promise of Spring!

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