Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Turn off your cell phone, close your laptop, put away your iPad and just BE......

Live in the moment. Enjoy what is happening....don't put off the enjoyment of the moment so that you can post it to your Facebook wall. When you are on vacation don't upload a new status every time you engage in a new activity...just engage and enjoy...the rest of us would love to hear about it when you return. How can you truly enjoy the moment if every 5 minutes you have to stop what you are doing to update your status. A vacation should be truly that, a wires, no media...just peace and quiet and the opportunity to live in the moment.

And when your kids make you a special breakfast don't interrupt the moment by taking a picture and uploading it to your page. Tell the story of it later. These moments are far and few between and instead of interrupting them we should be relishing in them and savoring each second!

So take some time each day to ignore all types of gadgetry and social connectedness. Be with yourself, be with your family and live in the moment!


  1. Hi Donna, saw your post on Social Moms - Stay at Home Moms group and I'm now following your blog. Love this post. I often wonder how people have time to even snap the shot in the moment, let alone the trouble of posting and uploading later. I also have 3 children, under age 6, so I guess it's because with out tight budget, things like "crackberrys" aren't exactly essential items! LOL. I suppose such items make it easier to post on the fly! Looking forward to any money saving tips! I hope you'll stop on by my blog too!
    And thanks for the reminder that I have to go refill the bird feeder!

  2. Great post. One I need to reread and take notes! I'm bad about breaking out the camera!

  3. Amen! See too many people wrapped in their gadgets and missing out on so much.

    Found you on Bloggy Moms.