Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Club Meeting

So, tonight is my first book club meeting and I am way excited. Our first book was The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I absolutely LOVED this book. It was one of those books that you just do not want to put down. It had mystery, romance, friendship, and humor. It made me sad at times and angry at other times. Sometimes I even laughed out loud. It was a beautiful story.

So tonight I get to go and share my thoughts about this beloved book with some wonderful women friends. I am excited about re-living the story and re-feeling the emotions. I am also thrilled at the opportunity to share good food and discussion with some amazing women.

Tonight we will also choose our next book. I look forward to a new adventure and cannot wait to get started. I will keep you updated on the books we read and let you know my personal thoughts on them for any of you looking for a good read......

Good night...I am off .....

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  1. So how did it go? Dying to hear about adult conversation with no little "MOMMY!!!" interruptions. LOL. And also what the next book is. I just finished one, so am looking for a new read.