Monday, February 28, 2011

Ambassadors - ECHOage Birthday Parties

Ambassadors - ECHOage Birthday Parties

Those of you out there raising your children to be socially-conscious, giving beings will be interested in ECHOage Birthday Parties. ECHOage is a Birthday party service through which your children can learn the value of both giving and receiving.

You set up your guest list through the website as well as designating the charity to which donations will be made. Your guests are sent invitations designating the charities to which they can contribute. Half of all the money collected through guests contributions will be sent to the charity that you and your child have chosen and half will be used to provide your child with one of his or her "dream" gifts.

My children are blessed with an abundance of "things" so I am always looking for ways to help my children learn to want less and give more. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. It is incredibly easy to set up a giving party and have your child be a part of the planning.

So I challenge you to check this out. Consider planning an ECHOage Birthday for yourself or for your child. Then, spread the news so that others might do the same. It is our responsibility to raise a generation of loving and giving let's do it! 


  1. At my son's last birthday party I was thinking a lot about the overabundance of "things" we've accumulated for him and how I'd like to avoid that with our younger daughter. I was so thankful that we asked everyone for books this time instead of toys -- but this would be even better for my older daughter's next birthday.

  2. Hi Donna-
    Thank you so much for writing about us. I am the Co-Founder of ECHOage and we love when moms who blog find us and tell their readers about our wonderful service. My partner Alison and I have been so overwhelmed with the incredible kids who have ECHOaged their parties over the years and raised money for charities while celebrating! I would love to be in touch with you and help to promote you. Can you please write to me:
    Thank you again for the fantastic post and for being our Ambassador!
    Kind Regards,