Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Thoughts to Ponder

I do not rejoice when people die, enemies are conquered, or "justice"is served. I tend to feel conflicted inside. I do not believe that murder is the answer for anything. I do not believe that death is a justified punishment. I do not believe that anyone has the right to decide the fate of others. I will never feel comfort or solace in the wake of violence.

I am saddened when people die needlessly and conflicted when people rejoice the death of known enemies. I will never judge the emotions of individuals directly affected by violence and terror but do not believe that more violence can ever bring about a sense of peace. Does violence not beget violence. Shouldn't we show compassion and acceptance to move past the climate of violence.

I feel frightened and saddened when scores of people are cheering and chanting in the streets. It seems at these times that our world has taken a terrible step backwards. I, instead, worry what our "victory" says about the American spirit and how it will continue to affect the lives of innocent people. Should I now be more worried about retaliation and American hatred? If we instead showed signs of love and peace would we still have to live in fear of hatred and violence?

As I continue on my path to spiritual enlightenment I am continuously reminded that my values and beliefs are those of a small minority. But I will continue to believe in the worth of individuals, the value of sharing my time and spirit with those around me, and compassion and acceptance for those who are "different". If we took the time to listen, understand and acknowledge would our hatred and rage then be replaced with feelings of acceptance and peace? I do not know, but I do believe it is worth a try…...

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  1. just letting you know that you are not alone in your minority. While I know the world is less one very evil man, and I am very grateful to American Forces (plus, I doubt he would have surroundered), dancing in the streets seems to be beyond expressing relief and closure. In the minds of those who hate, it appears the peacekeepers are as bad as the evil-doers. As our mothers always told us: 2 wrongs don't make a right.